Best Diaper skin rash cream for Your Infant - Safe & Non-Toxic

    Botanical Diaper Rash Cream to Soothe Any Type of Irritation Quickly

    Have you ever browsed the baby care aisle and been completely overwhelmed by options?

    Diaper rash creams can be especially frustrating. You have some for dry skin, some for yeast, some for oily skin, and the list goes on.

    You and your baby are already in an uncomfortable situation, and you just need relief fast - whatever the cause may be.

    At Era Organics, we don’t think baby care should be a guessing game, so we formulated a diaper rash cream that does it all. No matter the cause of the rash, your baby can enjoy soothing relief in just a few applications.

    What Exactly Does Era Organics Diaper Cream Do?

    diaper rash cream era organics

    If you’re familiar with baby care, you’ve probably heard of zinc oxide and its powerful, yet gentle action on baby rashes. It works by providing a barrier around baby’s bottom to prevent further irritation.

    While zinc oxide is effective, a quality cream needs to do more than just block excess moisture. It needs to also provide the means for healing by fighting inflammation, encouraging skin cell regeneration, and more.

    That’s exactly what our rash cream does.

    It combines the protective barrier of extra-strength zinc oxide with powerful nutrients to soothe and strengthen sensitive baby skin.

    As a result, our cream:

    • Stops itch fast
    • Blocks chafing
    • Fights yeast
    • Hydrates without excess moisture
    • Lowers inflammation
    • Promotes faster recovery
    • Protects against bacterial growth

    Thanks to its unique ingredient profile, babies of all skin types can benefit from its gentle, all-in-one action no matter the cause of their rash.

    Fast-Acting Ingredients That Target Yeast, Bacteria, Excess Moisture & More

    baby diaper cream ingredients

    We started with a base of extra-strength zinc oxide, then built upon that strong foundation with handpicked ingredients that treat diaper rash from every angle. 

    Let’s look at a few:

    Coconut Oil

    Some diaper rashes are caused by yeast known as Candida albicans. Coconut oil is a potent antifungal that doubles as a barrier between the diaper and damaged skin. Coconut’s antimicrobial action is thanks in large part to its rich fatty acid content.

    In fact, fatty acids make up 65% of coconut’s composition and 50% of that is lauric acid - a natural defender against harmful microorganisms. On top of that, coconut oil penetrates deep into skin to deliver these nutrients where they’re needed most.

    Shea Butter

    Shea butter has been used in Africa for centuries for its legacy of protecting skin in harsh conditions. It is a powerful tool in treating diaper rash because promotes cell regeneration and collagen production - both of which are needed to restore a compromised skin barrier.

    Shea butter is also rich in fatty acids, which give it its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It even has a healthy concentration of vitamin K for faster wound healing.

    Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa butter - derived from the same seeds that produce chocolate - contains an abundance of phytochemicals, which are plant compounds that promote blood flow to the skin and protect against free radical damage.

    It is also a powerful moisturizer with anti-inflammatory action. As an added bonus, cocoa butter’s rich saturated fats and antioxidants make it shelf stable, allowing us to avoid harsh preservatives that irritate sensitive skin.

    Calendula Oil

    Distilled from marigolds, calendula oil is well known for its ability to treat wounds, rashes, and burns. It has an incredible nutrient profile that includes saponins, glycosides, and other potent anti-inflammatory compounds that impart antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

    It, too, encourages blood flow to the skin, promoting rapid healing while protecting against infection.

    Jojoba Oil

    Rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, jojoba oil is chemically similar to sebum (our skin’s natural oil). As such, it easily absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily, slippery residue. This makes for a more comfortable baby and better peace of mind for Mom.

    Jojoba oil is also loaded with skin-nourishing minerals that aid in skin repair. It’s even a natural antimicrobial, preventing bacterial growth while stimulating wound healing.

    Rosemary Extract

    The antiseptic benefits of rosemary extend well beyond diaper rash and have been successfully used to treat eczema, acne, dermatitis, and more.

    It has been studied extensively with one 2017 study revealing its ability to improve skin hydration and elasticity. This is thanks to powerful antioxidants and chemical components that include borneol, camphor, limonene, α-pinene, and others.

    Chamomile Tea

    Known for its internal benefits when consumed, chamomile also provides external benefits ranging from reduced skin irritation and decreased inflammation.

    Thanks to compounds like α-bisabolol, chamomile can significantly reduce skin inflammation when applied topically. It is also rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that protect against oxidative damage.

    Studies have even shown that chamomile jumpstarts the wound drying process while also promoting epithelial cell production - both of which play a critical role in successful (and fast) wound healing.

    Raspberry Seed Oil

    Raspberry seed oil provides a skin-friendly combination of essential fatty acids and vitamins like A and E that nourish and strengthen skin’s integrity. Its linolenic fatty acids moisturize while its vitamin A content boosts collagen production.

    These nutrients work together to reduce inflammation, protect against damage, and soothe irritated skin.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera has a unique nutrient profile that nourishes the skin in many ways. It is loaded with minerals like zinc and magnesium as well as vitamins E, A, and B. It’s also a potent antiseptic that fights rashes rooted in bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    Aloe vera has the unique ability to encourage skin repair due to polysaccharides that promote skin cell production. Thanks to compounds like acemannan, it even attacks inflammation by blocking certain pro-inflammatory enzymes.

    On top of all that, aloe vera is a natural pain reliever, providing soothing relief while the diaper rash dissipates.

    Rosehip Oil

    Rosehip oil is renowned for its anti-aging properties, but infants can benefit as well from its nourishing fatty acids and vitamins A and C, which work to rebuild collagen. It has even been used to treat severe burns thanks to its ability to restore lost skin.

    Sometimes diaper rashes can result in open sores, and rosehip oil comes in handy to close those wounds naturally and effectively.

    The Problem with Average Diaper Creams and Hidden Toxins

    diaper creams toxins

    Babies’ skin is far more permeable than adult skin, meaning it more readily absorbs whatever is on it - whether good or bad. That’s why it is important to be extra cautious about what you put on baby’s skin.

    You’d think it would be safe to assume any infant skincare product that’s made it to store shelves would be safe, but that’s not the case.

    In fact, most diaper rash creams contain an ingredient known as mineral oil. It sounds innocent enough, but it’s really just code for “petrolatum” - a crude oil derivative. It is known to clog pores and cause irritation, but even worse, mineral oil exposure is linked to increased risk of cancer.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, many baby creams contain DMDM hydantoin - an ingredient manufacturers use for its antimicrobial action. The problem with this chemical is that it releases formaldehyde - a known carcinogen that stresses the immune system.

    Add all the artificial fragrances, colorants, and preservatives commonly used, and you’re left with a diaper cream that can do far more harm than good.

    At Era Organics, we are very aware of toxins in our environment. That’s why we’ve taken the time to craft products responsibly, sourcing ingredients that provide the healing benefits with none of the toxic chemicals.

    Our diaper cream provides gentle, non-toxic relief while working to heal the rash at its root cause.


    Diaper rashes are just about inevitable, but that doesn’t mean your baby has to suffer through it. You can provide quick relief with Era Organics Diaper Cream.

    Infused with ingredients like chamomile, shea butter, aloe vera, and more, it takes the power of zinc oxide and transforms it into more than just a protective barrier - it heals and restores the integrity of delicate skin.