Activated Charcoal Uses & Benefits in You Should Take Advantage Of

Here’s everything you need to start using activated charcoal to clean your teeth, detox your skin, and so much more.

Table of contents:
What Is Activated Charcoal?
The benefits of Charcoal Powder.
Using Activated Charcoal.
Types of Activated Charcoal.
Tips for Using Activated Charcoal.

Pop Quiz!

What do these 3 things have in common?

  • Accidental ingestion of poison
  • Stained teeth and bad breath
  • Large facial pores

Their remedy believe it or not! All of these issues can be addressed with activated charcoal.

Read on to see just how useful this dark, unassuming powder is.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

what Activated Charcoal is

Once known mainly as an antidote for oral poisoning, activated charcoal is now celebrated for its many uses throughout the body – especially for your teeth and face.

The charcoal is a form of carbon usually made from something natural, like coconut shells.

The “activated” part happens by introducing charcoal to very high temperatures. The intense heat changes the charcoal’s density, increasing its surface area and making it very porous.

How Does Charcoal Powder Work? What Are Its Benefits?

Activated Charcoal benefits

Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and transporting them out of the body. It is able to do so because its molecules are too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Therefore, the charcoal (along with any toxins bound to it) passes safely through the digestive tract or is rinsed from the mouth or skin after doing its cleansing work.

How exactly does it capture the toxins? Here’s where things get interesting:

Activated charcoal works so well because of its porous surface and because it holds a negative electrical charge. This charge attracts positively charged chemicals and poisons to itself and removes them from the body.

Because of this unique attraction, charcoal powder uses are numerous. When used on the skin, it pulls dirt and toxins out of pores. When brushing teeth with charcoal, it absorbs bacteria and stains, resulting in fresher breath and whiter teeth.

Besides some pretty awesome skincare uses, is also used in emergency rooms and trauma centers for poisoning. It binds with certain poisons, such as prescription and over-the-counter drugs, to remove them safely. Because of this, it’s been used to save countless lives from drug overdose and accidental poison ingestion.

Using Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening, in a Face Mask & More

Activated Charcoal uses

Activated charcoal teeth whitening has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It works by absorbing plaque and the tiny molecules that stain teeth. It even changes the pH of the mouth, which can improve bad breath, fight gum disease and prevent cavities.

Those looking for a way to do everything from improving body odor to improving face and body acne can also turn to the cleansing properties of charcoal powder.

When used as an acne treatment, charcoal binds with the sebum and toxins that lead to irritated skin and helps to clear up blemishes. On top of that, charcoal also makes facial pores appear smaller.

When used on the scalp, it can lessen the amount of oil in hair and improve an itchy, problematic scalp.

It has many other uses throughout the body, including the following:

  • Improves kidney function
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Reduces gas and bloating
  • Supports healthy adrenal glands
  • Relieves pain and itching from insect bites

Best Forms of Activated Charcoal + Where to Find It

forms of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal comes in many forms today depending on its intended use.

It is most frequently found in a powdered form, but some manufacturers are now putting it into toothpastes and face masks to make it easier for people to use.

When shopping for charcoal, search for a product made from wood, or better yet coconut shells, that are ground very finely for the most potency.

If you are getting charcoal for internal use you should never have excessive or artificial sweeteners used.

Tips for Using Activated Charcoal

using Activated Charcoal

To use activated charcoal on the teeth, dip a wet toothbrush into the black powder, and brush as normal. Be sure to rinse the mouth thoroughly. Charcoal powder can be used on the teeth up to 3 times per week.

Activated Charcoal teeth whitner


To make an at home face mask mix charcoal powder with a teaspoon or two of coconut oil. Apply to your face 2-3 times per week to improve oil production and clear pores. 

You can use the same formula on an insect sting every 30 minutes until there is relief.

When used internally, charcoal can be taken daily in capsule form. It’s best taken after very large meals or after eating foods that are high in toxins to improve digestion and clear up the kidneys and liver.


Activated charcoal is a great addition to any home’s first aid kit, but now it’s being recognized as a great addition to everyone’s beauty routine.

Being a natural cleansing agent of toxins and chemicals, it can clear up hair and skin issues as well as cleanse and whiten teeth.

Get your own activated charcoal and give it try for yourself. You’ll be impressed with what it can do!