USDA Organic Diaper Balm

Natural Ointment to Nourish and Protect from Moisture, Infection, Chaffing and Irritation

Give your baby instant and long term relief with 100% natural, USDA Certified Organic ingredients. Our diaper balm will help repair, soothe and prevent diaper rash, irritations and chaffing with ingredients that are scientifically proven to help your baby’s skin. Even use it as a natural soothing barrier for baby eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, hives and more. 

Our gentle, non-allergenic diaper rash treatment is made for sensitive, irritated skin on your baby’s bottom. It works to protect from inflammation, moisture and chafing. Its natural antibacterial and antifungal herbal ingredients even help guard against infection.

Our natural diaper rash balm is paraben free, fragrance free, alcohol free and non-toxic. There is no mineral oil, SLS, petrolatum products, parabens, harsh preservatives, dyes or anything that will irritate or cause damaged skin.

• Irritated Skin                 • Chaffed Skin
• Rashes                            • Infection
• Damaged Skin               • Itchy Skin

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Why Switch To USDA Certified Organic Diaper Rash Treatments? 

Start your baby off right with a 100% chemical free diaper cream. Get the best rash cream with everything your baby’s skin needs, without the hidden toxins.

We focus on gentle formulas to provide everything your baby’s skin needs, without the hidden toxins. Our unique advanced healing formula has powerful healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, straight from nature.

You want the best for your kids. We want to give it to you. Buy now, risk free, thanks to our 60 day “love it or your money back guarantee”.

  • Nourish & Protect Skin
  • Reduces Chaffing
  • Sooth Irritation
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Naturally Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Toxin Free
  • Fragrance & Perfume Free
  • Organic

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Our Unique Organic Formula Includes

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Calendula Oil
  • Rosemary Extract


Test sample for allergies. Apply liberally to diaper area after gently cleaning with each diaper change. Apply as needed to help prevent diaper rash. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and see your physician.

Safety Warning: 

External use only, avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.


Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Rosemary Extract, Non-GMO Mixed Tocopherols, Organic Chamomile Extract