Epsom salt uses benefits

Epsom salt uses benefits

Take your bath to a whole new level with the perfect blend of Epsom Salt, essential oils, and more!

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Bath Blend effects.
Bath Blend ingredients.
Safer alternative to bath bombs.

The benefits of Epsom salt are undeniable, and the relaxation that comes with soaking in a tub of warm water is hard to beat.

It’s no wonder Epsom salt baths are the “go to” for tired, achy muscles.

But as we learn more about the power of skin-soothing oils and other natural ingredients, we wonder if we’re missing out on deeper, longer-lasting relief by limiting ourselves to Epsom salts.

What if the ‘best of the benefits’ could all be combined into a single product?

At Era Organics, we try to take the top ingredients nature has to offer and combine them into simple, easy-to-use solutions to life’s common ailments and pains.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with our premium Bath Blend. It offers an all-in-one solution for a bath that pulls double duty - one that soothes joints and muscles while nourishing skin and healing irritation.

What Does the Bath Blend Do and Who Is It For?

If you’re familiar with Epsom salt, you already know how effective it is at easing sore muscles and relieving joint pain.

This Bath Blend kicks the benefits of Epsom salt up a notch by combining it with the unique mineral profile of Dead Sea Salt, plus an array of skin-soothing oils with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Add the itch and irritation-relieving benefits of gluten free oats, and you have yourself a multifaceted bath blend that can:

  • Soothe aching feet
  • Relieve back pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Alleviate rashes and itchy bug bites
  • Decrease recovery times
  • Nourish damaged skin

As for who should use it, we formulated it to be safe for people of all ages. Our Epsom Salt Bath Blend is especially helpful for expecting mothers dealing with increased pressure on their back and feet.

Postpartum mothers can benefit as well with handpicked ingredients that facilitate faster relief after birth.

Besides that, just the rigors of everyday life - from working on your feet all day to post-workout soreness - can benefit from a bath infused with its anti-inflammatory and recovery-boosting ingredients.

So, how exactly does one bath blend accomplish all this? It is all thanks to the blend’s unique ingredients, each one with its own set of soothing and healing properties.

Ingredients That Do the Work for You: Less Joint Pain, Better Sleep, Faster Recovery & More

Epsom Salt

The power of Epsom salt lies in a simple nutrient - magnesium. It is the fuel behind its incredible benefits, including reduced muscle pain, lower inflammation and even decreased stress levels.

Magnesium deficiency is increasingly common and can result in symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to muscle cramps and fatigue. Since skin is your body’s largest organ and readily absorbs anything that’s on it, regular Epsom salt baths can help reverse such side effects.

Epsom salt also has the unique ability to detox toxins through your skin, alleviating symptoms associated with toxin buildup.

Dead Sea Salt

As great as Epsom salt is, it really only offers magnesium. Dead Sea salt, on the other hand, offers 21 minerals like zinc, calcium and potassium that our bodies need to constantly replenish.

Its unique blend of minerals work to decrease outward signs of aging, soothe psoriasis and eczema, decrease cellulite, relieve joint pain and more. It is also known to boost blood circulation thanks to a blend of iron and potassium.

Baking Soda

Since baking soda is slightly alkaline, it can help neutralize the acids that lead to joint pain. That alkalinity, along with its antifungal properties, also help it fight fungus and yeast infections in skin and nails.

Plus, baking soda has been loved for decades for its ability to soothe itchy skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Gluten Free Oats

Ever heard your mom or grandmother suggest an oatmeal bath for poison ivy and other rashes? That’s because oats are naturally antipruritic, meaning they can stop itching and irritation.

Oats have many properties that allow it to do so, including its rich saponin content, lipids (healthy fats) and moisturizing abilities. They even have antioxidants that fight sun damage and aging caused by free radicals.

Arnica Oil

Arnica is renowned for its ability to speed the healing of bruises, joint injuries, and muscle soreness. Its powerful healing and anti-inflammatory properties come from its rich and varied compounds, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, linoleic and oleic acids and antioxidants.

Its topical application is known to help treat rosacea, psoriasis, insect bites and even eczema.

Plantain Oil

Thanks to its rich tannin and mucilage content, plantain oil is a potent anti-irritant that’s been used to soothe everything from sunburns and bug bites to scrapes and postpartum tears.

One of its more active components is allantoin, which acts as a gentle exfoliant, removing dead skin cells while supporting the growth of new ones.

Plantain extract even has antibacterial properties that are useful in treating acne. Together with its wound-healing abilities, plantain fights acne while encouraging skin regeneration to reduce scarring.

Comfrey Oil

Like plantain, comfrey oil owes many of its benefits to allantoin, which naturally activates skin cell regeneration. It’s also an effective anti-inflammatory agent that people have used to ease the pain associated with arthritis and gout.

One 2010 study even showed that comfrey lowered back pain levels by an incredible 95% in patients using comfrey as an ointment versus those just using a placebo.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is a member of the mint family, but while mint is energizing, the sweet aroma of lavender is relaxing to both the mind and body. Besides its scent, lavender actually works to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier, offering help for eczema, dry skin and more.

Thanks to terpenoids like linalool, lavender is also successfully used to reduce anxiety and nervous tension.

The Safer Alternative to Bath Bombs: The Hidden Problem with Additives

safer alternative to bath bombs

Most bath bombs or other bath blends are scented artificially. That’s because manufacturers want their product to smell good, but they don’t want to take the time and financial resources to source the scents responsibly.

It’s a sad truth, but lab-isolated chemicals are much cheaper.

The thing is you won’t see these chemicals listed on the label. More often than not, all you’ll see is the word “fragrance.” It’s a blanket term that cosmetic companies use to disclose that there are, indeed, unnamed chemicals in the product, but they don’t have to call them by name (a convenient legal loophole).

An analysis performed by the Environmental Working Group gives us an idea of just how dangerous these mystery fragrances can be. Over 20 of the fragrant chemicals studied scored a “10” in their Skin Deep Database.

Keep in mind that their database runs on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst.

Among some of these chemical fragrances include octoxynols and nonoxynols, which act as hormone disruptors.

At Era Organics, we use only natural scents of the ingredients used, along with aromatic essential oils.


From new moms to hardworking laborers, we all have days where our backs ache, joints hurt and muscles cry for relief. A nice hot bath at the end of the day is just what the doctor ordered.

You can either settle for the warm water and muscle relief from Epsom salt alone, or you can maximize your results with the plant-based ingredients in our Premium Epsom Salt Bath Blend.

It contains absolutely NO alcohol, sulfates, perfumes, dyes, parabens, petroleum forms or any other toxins.

And instead of just muscle relief, you get reduced inflammation, nourished skin, faster healing, better sleep, less joint pain and more.

Best of all, you can customize the “dose” depending on your pain levels or where you are in your recovery - unlike bath bombs that pre-determine the amount for you.

Transform bath time with this healing bath blend today.

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